Stream2Watch - Original Live Sports Streaming Site

Hello and welcome to the original unedited version of Stream2Watch the premier live streaming website on the internet. You might ask why this site is so special especially when you already have a lot of alternatives? The answer is that stream2watch was the best streaming site on the net for a long time before greed took over the original owners and they decided to pollute the once wonderful site with many popups, ads, redirects, while luring you to download and install all kinds of suspicios software and toolbars. It was the destruction of great site based on greed and selfishness. This is where our Stream2Watch.live website comes in. It is designed to look and feel just like the original site, but best of all is that it covers even more events that the original stream2watch site.

So relax and keep reading the reasons for the creation and reasons why stream2wach (the original version) is now alive once more

Why is Stream2Watch the best website for live sports streaming?

Well thats a great question, while we have explained some of the reasons above now we will list more reasons for you to visit and enjoy watching your favourite sports events:

Main Stream2Watch interface

How do I watch live sports streams on Stream2Watch?

Another great question. While you will see a lot of websites that will fool it's users by making them click on links that take them to all sorts of wierd place on the internet and even scam sites, Stream2Watch is the only website that leads you directly to the streaming link video players. Thats right all you have to do is find your match and click the link then another page opens telling you the stream name and vido player.

Stream2Watch video player game page

Which browsers are supported by Stream2Watch?

Stream2Watch offers the follwing sports live streaming and much more: